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"As one of our Top Super Affiliates, Bryan has added over 1,400 people to ClickFunnels and has generated over $1 Million in revenue for us.  Bryan is someone who is amazing to learn from!"

- Russell Brunson, CEO of ClickFunnels
* Results may vary
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"As one of our Top Super Affiliates, Bryan has added over 1,400 people to ClickFunnels and has generated over $1 Million in revenue for us.  Bryan is someone who is amazing to learn from!" - Russell Brunson, CEO of ClickFunnels
* Results may vary
1. Running Your Dream 7-Figure Business By This Time Next Year

2. Mapping Out And Implementing ONE Winning “Everlasting Funnel” To Bring In A Constant Flow of Traffic, Leads, and Sales

3. Weird, Random Outbursts Vaguely Resembling “Whoo” and “Boom”
1. Running Your Dream 7-Figure Business By This Time Next Year

2. Mapping Out And Implementing ONE Winning “Everlasting Funnel” To Bring In A Constant Flow of Traffic, Leads, and Sales

3. Weird, Random Outbursts Vaguely Resembling “Whoo” and “Boom”
What's On The FREE Golden Ticket USB?
Here’s what you get loaded onto the FREE USB:
Exact word-for-word pages, ads, emails, and scripts we used to grow both an EXPERT BUSINESS, an ECOMMERCE BUSINESS and DIGITAL AGENCY each producing over $1,000,000 within 12 months (and one to over $10 Million).

Detailed video training that walks you step-by-step through our campaign strategies (so you know the WHY, not just the HOW).

An exclusive opportunity to WIN a private, 1-on-1, all-day intensive where Bryan Dulaney maps out your ONE “Everlasting Funnel” to help you reach 7-figures within 12 months or sooner.
From: The “Profit Factory”
To: Experts, Coaches, Freelancers, Digital Agencies, and eCommerce Store Owners sick and tired of shiny objects from "greedy gurus".

I’m Bryan Dulaney and I want you to sample my “One-Million-Proof” Profit Potion.
8 Figure Club Award at Funnel Hacking LIVE 2018
8 Figure Club Award for Generating Over $10 Million Through ONE Funnel!
Now, before you take a sip of our delightfully scrumptious elixir… I must warn you… You may experience some “aha” moments that will “shift” your marketing forever. 
These shifts have the potential to scale your business to 7-figures by this time next year.

Now, how can I make such a bold claim?

Let me explain… you’re getting step-by-step blueprints for Four (4) Marketing Funnels we used to scale an expert business, two digital agencies, and an eCommerce store to $1M in sales in less than one year.

The best part is that one of those agencies is now doing over $10 Million.
You’ll gain valuable insight into marketing campaigns that are producing massive results in your market right now.

You’ll also get the exact blueprints including pages, emails, and scripts… along with video training explaining our “behind-the-scenes” strategies.
(By the way, almost no one talks about this... but without it, you’ll have a tough time “recreating” similar results for your business).

Being the savvy entrepreneur you are, you understand the incredible power of having just ONE massively profitable funnel for your business... and how quickly it can “turn the revenue dial”.
Having the right funnel in place is how our clients are able to 2x, 5x, and even 10x their businesses in just 6-12 months.   Now, I think this is obvious but I want to make sure you understand the massive value here:

You’re getting an exclusive “insiders peek” at what’s working right now.
To put it in perspective, these are multiple 7-figure business owners handing you their online marketing and sales processes... clearly mapped out step-by-step...with the actual pages, emails, and scripts!
These funnels took my team and I hundreds of hours of constant testing and refinement.

You get the Oscar-winning “final cut” in all its glory.
The best part is you’ll be able to easily and quickly copy and implement these steps to Build Your Own 7-Figure Everlasting Funnel... even if you’ve never built a funnel before or don’t think funnels can work for you.
After building over 1,650 funnels, I’m confident there’s a winning funnel for your product or service, no matter how “niche” you may think it is.
It’s all clearly mapped out for you, piece-by-piece, so there’s zero confusion about how to model it for your business and see results right away.

Now, what if you haven’t built a funnel before or are worried you won’t be able to figure out the “tech”?
The bottom line - even if you’re not a funnel expert, you’ll still be able to build these out in a day or two tops... and if you’ve done it before, this should only take you a few hours.

The best part is nothing here is based on theory - these are all real, verifiable results I’ve produced for my clients in just the past year. 

In fact, injecting instant cash flow into stagnant or struggling businesses is what I do for a living.

I have a knack for “unlocking” the perfect offer, ads, and funnels for my client’s businesses…  and my results have earned me the distinction of being 1 of only 17 ClickFunnels 8-Figure Award Winners in existence:
If you run an expert business and use your knowledge to serve your clients, then this will become Your Unfair Advantage.

A proven playbook of marketing campaigns for making it rain over and over again.

I want to ship you my top-performing 7-figure and 8-figure “Everlasting Funnels” on one of these Golden Ticket USB drives.  Armed with these locked-n-loaded marketing campaigns, you can stop guessing and hoping and finally start feeling confident in breaking through your “glass ceiling”.
What's inside the FREE GOLDEN TICKET?
My Oompa Loompas have loaded these Golden Ticket USB drives with:
 One we used to help an expert scale to $1.1M within 12 months…
 One we used to help a digital agency scale to their first million within 12 months…
 One we used to help an eCommerce store scale to their first million within 12 months...
 And finally, the “Big Daddy” one we used to scale another agency to over $10M (this won me the 8-Figure Club award)
How Would You Like To Run A 7-Figure Business With These Kinds of Results By This Time Next Year?
How would you like to log in to your PayPal or Stripe accounts and see this:
* Results may vary
Asset-by-asset, page-by-page campaign blueprints
Word-for-word video scripts for each funnel
Email-by-email lead nurturing sequences
The best part is, I’m not going to just hand you the high-level blueprints and leave you to fend for yourself... you’ll also get a step-by-step video walk through with detailed explanations of our “off-the-record” strategies - these are the “hidden gems” that nobody talks about... and without them, you’ll run around in circles, wondering why you can’t replicate their success.

Remember, this isn’t theory folks... this is backed by two-comma bank accounts.  In fact, in order to maximize your benefit straight away, here’s what I want you to do:
Plug the Golden Ticket USB
drive into your computer.
Open each campaign “blueprint” and marketing assets (including the 7 figure and 8 figure funnel pages, emails, scripts, etc...)
Watch the video training to deeply absorb my mindset and strategy (the WHY behind creating success).
Identify the highest-impact marketing asset you currently have that is under performing.
Replace it by modeling one of our
proven 7-figure marketing assets.
Implement it for 24-48 hours
and analyze the results.
Plug the Golden Ticket USB
drive into your computer.
Open each campaign “blueprint” and marketing assets
(including the 7 and 8 figure funnel pages, emails, scripts, etc.)
Watch the video training to deeply absorb
my mindset and strategy (the WHY).
Identify the highest-impact marketing asset
you currently have that is under performing.
Replace it by modeling one of our
proven 7-figure marketing assets.
Implement it for 24-48 hours
and analyze the results.
You should see an immediate bump in traffic or conversions at a lower cost.  

If you don’t, then there’s likely something else in your funnel that is “leaking” leads or sales. I suggest reviewing the steps immediately before and after for optimization opportunities.
After helping dozens of six-figure businesses map out their Everlasting Funnels in our all-day Private One Day Intensives (which my clients happy pay over $15K for)... I’ve found one common GOLDEN THREAD across every business that went on to hit 7-figures and beyond:

They intentionally eliminated guru programs, shiny objects, and random tactics/hacks.

Instead, they focused 100% of their energy, time, and resources into finding ONE trusted expert who is already achieving the results they want… and then took decisive action to model what was working right now.

They stacked small wins and rode a wave of momentum, which inevitably led to a BIG WIN.  Now, don’t get me wrong - there’s a lot of sweat equity in testing, tweaking, and optimizing, but it sure beats “Frankensteining” your marketing from different “gurus”, right?

Doesn’t it make sense to get all the “pieces” directly from one trusted source without the clutter and confusion?
These Golden Ticket USBs Give You Absolute Clarity On How Other Entrepreneurs Are Turning Clicks Into Customers Over And Over Again.
Before we go any further, I want to set something straight: 

Business owners pay me $15,000 per day to help them build and implement their Everlasting Funnel… the same ones I’m giving away to you for FREE.

Now, even though you’re saving $15,000 to learn this information, I recommend you treat this as if you did invest the full amount

If you do, you will get a lot more out of the content, and your Golden Ticket will become like a private $15,000 consultation with me. 

Actually, speaking of our private one day intensives...
What People Are Saying ...
"As one of our Top Super Affiliates, Bryan has added over 1,400 people to ClickFunnels and has generated over $1 Million in revenue for us.  Bryan is someone who is amazing to learn from!"
Russell Brunson, ClickFunnels
"I think the biggest thing that Bryan was able to help me do is to really organize my thoughts and take my thoughts write out all that content, write out literally hours and hours and hours of content and be able to organize it and really get it developed into a product that really helps sales people. 

The biggest thing Bryan did was help me with that, and really get it online, get it out on Facebook, get it on YouTube, really for the World to see.  That was the biggest challenges I had and he helped me accomplish those things..."
"There's NO way I would have got that amount of exposure in the first year without someone like Bryan!"
Jeremy Miner, Sales Trainer
"The biggest results is, there's been a lot of people that have gone through the training, which really excites me, so we've had probably about 120,000 people go through either the 21 Day Sales Challenge.   Literally 120,000 some people that have gone through one of my courses in the first 10 or 11 months since we started.

Without having somebody like Bryan doing that, there's no way I could have got that amount of exposure in the first year, it just wouldn't have happened."

As I complete this, I was thinking, “Man, what would I pay for this?” If I knew what I know now, what would I pay? I would definitely say that they’re doing everyone a favor. I can tell you, if I was going to give you $1,000 and you were going to give me a $100,000 on that exchange ratio, who wouldn’t do that? You will leave here blown away. Guarantee it. If I’m wrong, ask for my email, and email me. I will make it right.”

Dr. Matt Hubbard - Chiropractor

“I wasn’t going to be able to launch my business without the systems that are being put into place to launch my business. I didn’t know how to do it. It’s going to not only make it possible, but it’s going to speed it up at levels that I couldn’t possible have dreamed of before. I thought this would be a one or a two or a three year project at the shortest. Now, it’s going to be a three to six month project at the longest. This is the right team to make it happen it’s the right way to make it happen in the shortest amount of time.”

Dr. Todd Phillips - Online Pastor and Personal Life Coach

“I think anyone who has a dream, and wants to help people, and is heart-centered, and is an expert in their field should highly consider working with Bryan Dulaney, because he will help you create clarity and help you create your dream so that you can feel fulfilled and help other people make their dreams come true.”

Kristen Sharma - Inspirational Coach

“The value compared to the investment, it’s an absolute 10 out of 10. Just, again in business, everything is clarity. Everything is knowing what you’re going to want to do, how you’re going to accomplish what you’re going to, and that’s everything that it gave us and more. It’s the best investment that you can make because these guys are going to give you the clarity and a vision of how you’re going to accomplish your dreams. It’s well worth the investment. Just do it.”

David Vollmer Jr. - Isolator Fitness

"If you’re considering working with Bryan and his team of experts and making this decision, I can’t recommend him highly enough. The ease and simplicity and really for me, it comes down to the constant improvement and the fact that he’s never satisfied with the results, he’s messaging me and taking care of things, and pushing forward our results, constantly. That really was the key element for me."

Bradley Gibb, Financial Strategist

"If you're considering coming to an Intensive, I would absolutely encourage you to do so. It is a remarkable experience. The people here are just fantastic, very friendly, very nice. They listen and they talk and you learn, and they have amazing insights, very, very strategic insights that frankly I've never heard anywhere before. So if you're thinking about it, if you're even thinking about it, you should definitely do it."

Barry Burns - Top Dog Trading

"Today, the best thing that happened was that Michael & Bryan listened to me all day long. Now, knowing that they know my business, I have so much more trust in the fact that they will help me get there. Today, at the end of the one day intensive, what I realize is that there is a way for me to achieve what it is I want to achieve. And actually, even more than before, I realize that I’m not going to do that alone, but nobody ever does anything in this World of significance by themselves, so I’m super excited to be here at the end of the day looking forward for what’s about to happen next. If you’re considering a 1-on1 intensive with Bryan Dulaney, then to me that says that there’s something in you that knows that you have something bigger to contribute, and you can’t do it by yourself, and I would say, YES!" Say yes to Bryan, say yes to yourself, and invest. Get there.”

Pamela Mumm - Harmonic Performance

"Bryan and his team helped us create, design and launch our course and other offers.  We generated over $1.447 Million in our first 90 days... Honestly, the life and my business now are in a completely different hemisphere. Six months ago, I was scrambling around like a chicken with my head cut off, waiting for the next referral to come in and trying to figure out how to piece all the steps together for my clients. I had a system, but because I didn’t have it all mapped out and laid out from front to back and a marketing message and a platform for education, it was me hustling through a lot of the gaps that I had in my business."

Ryan D. Lee - CashFlow Tactics
5 out of the 500 Golden Tickets will be a “WINNING TICKET” that looks like this:
If you are lucky enough to receive one of these, my team and I will invite you to our “Private One Day Intensive” - virtually over Skype or on-site in San Diego - where you’ll be able to pick our brains and tap into lessons learned from building & launching over 1,650 funnels generating over $50M in revenue.
You’ll walk away with:
 Your 7-Figure Everlasting Funnel fully mapped out (including your Irresistible “FaceBait” ads to turn clicks-into-customers)
 Clarity on your One Perfect Offer 
 3-month, 6-month, and 12-month Personalized Action Plans with tasks, milestones, resources/tools, KPIs, and cost/revenue projections down to the dollar-and-date
In other words, everything you need to hit the ground running right away!
Surprise Bonus - I will be personally selecting one of the 5 WINNING TICKETS to build, implement, and launch their Everlasting Funnel FOR THEM!

If this is you, then once we’ve mapped everything out together, my team and I will go to work and implement this for your business immediately… while you sit back, relax, and watch the sales roll in.
Ok, so what’s the catch?

Now you’re probably wondering - why would I just give you the exact campaigns, emails, pages, and scripts that took me hundreds of hours to unlock... not to mention tens of thousands of dollars to test and optimize?

Well, there are actually a few reasons…
 When I give you something of MASSIVE VALUE, you’ll see how this is different from the shiny objects and random hacks/tactics that “Greedy Gurus” are slangin’.
 I earn my living “in-the-trenches” helping established business owners gain an edge over their competition with profitable, scalable marketing campaigns. I don’t sell any info products... I sell results by working with my clients one-on-one.
 You and I will get to build a relationship and if there’s mutual interest, hopefully we’ll get the opportunity to work together to create, launch, and monetize your products & services online or scale your business to the next level. And if not, we’ll part as friends and stay in touch - after all, us entrepreneurs need to stick together, right?
Claim your Golden Ticket before they’re all gone!
So, it all adds up to this: my Oompa Loompas are already complaining about the extra hours and even though I saved them from all the terrible and vile monsters in Loompaland… believe me, the last thing I want are hundreds of them marching around San Diego on strike.

They loaded up 500 of these Golden Tickets... cursing and complaining the entire time… needless to say, they are not in the mood for another shift.

So, if you’re reading this now, we DO have at least ONE Golden Ticket in stock and ready to ship to you. But if you come back later, there is a very good chance that the remaining FREE Golden Tickets will have been given away to somebody else… and an even better chance there won’t ever be any again.

So, here’s what to do next…

All that’s left is to just finalize the details.

All you gotta do to claim your FREE Golden Ticket USB is to enter your shipping details where it says “Step One”. 

Usually we’re able to ship your Golden Ticket the same day, so you should receive it at your doorstep in just a few days.

I can’t wait for you to plug these in your computer and start implementing these into your business - just putting one of these proven assets into play can double or triple your business in a matter of months.

Stay Wonky My Friends,
Bryan Dulaney
P.S. In case you’re someone like me that likes to skim offers, I’m giving you a Golden Ticket USB Drive filled with Four (4) tried-and-true Everlasting Funnels - One 7-figure Expert Funnel, One 7-figure eCommerce Funnel, and a 7 and 8-figure Digital Agency funnel... fully mapped out with every single funnel page, email, and script…along with “behind-the-scenes” expert video training… 100% FREE. All I ask is you pay the small shipping/handling fee so I can get it to your doorstep.

I have 500 left in stock, at the time of writing this and I won’t be restocking anytime soon (if at all). So if you’re seeing this page now, we have at least 1 left in stock and available, so I would grab it now, unless you want to risk missing out forever.
Frequently Asked Questions
What is on the Free 'Golden Ticket' USB drive?
Loaded onto the Free 'Golden Ticket' USB drive is our 7 Figure Expert (Author, Speaker, Coaches, Consultants and Purpose Driven Entrepreneurs) and eCommerce Funnels (anyone who sells products) plus our Never Before Seen 8 Figure Agency Funnels, video scripts, email sequences and much much more!
Is the Free 'Golden Ticket' FREE?
Yes, the Free 'Golden Ticket' is FREE.  All that we ask is that you pay for the tiny shipping and handling of $9.95 for us to get it into your hands so you too can use funnels for your business successfully.
How do I become one of the five (5) lucky winners?
Out of the 500 USB drives loaded with our 7 and 8 figure funnels, there are five (5) lucky winners who will win a chance to spend an entire day in our famous one-on-one private one day intensive with Bryan Dulaney!  (Normally this is a $15,000 investment, but if you are lucky winner and you get one of these slipped into your package, you will get this for FREE as well).
Got any other questions?
If you have any more questions before you claim your FREE Golden Ticket USB Drive loaded with our 7 and 8 figure funnels, hit us up on Live Chat and well be happy to answer any questions you may have or feel free to call us at 855-268-9448 or email us at: support@perfectfunnelsystem.com
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